Michael is one of those strong, muscular types who cares a lot about his body. He loves working out at the gym and has a strict fitness routine that keeps his muscles rock hard. He’s also played football, soccer, and hockey growing up so I guess you could call him macho.

In terms of sex, Michael is straight but loves to show off for men and women alike. He lost his virginity to a woman who was twelve years older than him whose fantasy was to be with a younger guy. He never saw her again, but learned everything he needed to know about sex in just that one night.

When we saw Michael’s cock for the first time, we were gleefully surprised. Not only does he have a long and thick dick, but he’s uncut with a foreskin that covers the entire head when hard. Watching him roll the skin back entirely and jerk himself off was a sight to behold. When he brought out the Fleshjack, it wasn’t long before he shot his load high in the air hitting the pillows behind him!

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