It’s hard not to like a boy with a big dick – no matter what his personality might happen to be – so you can pretty much understand the mutual attraction that seems to exist between Jesse Magowan and Riley Smith, both of whom are more than adequately equipped in the cock stakes. A fact that won’t escape your attention, that’s for fucking sure, as the two lads take the chance to slurp on each other’s knobs over the sofa.

Magowan, in particular, has the kind of salami in his pants that you’re just gonna love – thick, meaty, uncut and clearly in eager mood to give some horny twink’s butt-hole a real good pounding. It’s perhaps just as well then that blond-guy Smith is more than ready and willing to meet his pal’s insatiable tastes, mounting Magowan’s chopper like a real pro and giving it the kind of hard, ball-bustin’ ride that a beauty like that deserves.

Of course, with a ramrod like that banging away at his ass in pretty much every direction imaginable it’s no great surprise that it’s not long before Smith is dumping a hefty wad of jizz all over his own belly; leaving Magowan to jerk his oversized cock into its own juicy climax. In short, a stupendous full-octane fuck!

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